Lookup Albuquerque Construction Permits & Applications

To access these reports, go to the Planning Department Building and Safety page and scroll down to Building Permit Reports or just click on the links below.

         •  New Commercial Applications

         •  New Commercial Permits

         •  New Multi-Family Applications

         •  New Multi-Family Permits

         •  New Single Family Permits

The reports break the data out into three basic groups - Commercial, Multi-Family, and Single Family. Each group is subdivided between Permit Applications and Issued Permits. Within each report the data is sorted by City postal quadrant, street name and address number. Note that these are slightly different areas than the data regarding hearings furnished by ONC (ONC uses the freeway quadrants where the USPS uses Central and the railroad as the dividing lines).

According to our city Guru on this information, you can select the text you want and copy/paste it into Excel if you want to further manipulate the data. He further indicated that future enhancements to these reports will allow you to open the report in Excel and save the data directly to your PC.