Speeding on Carmel between Ventura and Holbrook - You can help


If you live along this stretch of Carmel, you are aware that it attracts speeders, usually late at night. They seem to be teens, who also stop their cars to egg homes, jump walls, and T-P houses. We are concerned not only for the vandalized homes, but for the kids who are engaging in this dangerous activity.

At our request, the City has begun an analysis of this block to see if it qualifies for speed bumps or other traffic calming devices. Also, the police are spending more time watching for speeders.

You can help with this effort. If you hear activity along Carmel at night, definitely call the police at 242-COPS. They prioritize their calls, so they may not always be able to respond, especially on a weekend night. But our hope is that occasionally they will be able to respond. This may discourage the kids from coming back, and it also adds data to the analysis of the problem along our street.

If your home is egged, call 242-COPS. If a teen jumps the wall into a yard, call 242-COPS. Let them know the activity is happening right now. If you hear speeding and brakes screeching, call 242-COPS.